Jimmy Clark, Jr.


Jimmy Clark, Jr. is a retired veteran, self-taught and emerging artist who is a native of Louisiana but resides in Manassas, Virginia. He has been fascinated with drawing and painting since childhood. His source of inspiration comes from nature and life experiences.  His primary medium is acrylic.  Jimmy also experiment with abstraction which allows him the freedom of expression on the canvas.   Jimmy has been a member of the Prince William Art Society, Prince William County, Virginia since 2014.

Artist Statement:

Jimmy is a self-taught artist who after a life changing experience, reclaimed his passion for art. As he reestablished himself as an artist, he continue to focus on his passion to explore and experiment with various techniques painting landscapes and abstract.

He paints landscapes and nature scenes using warm and bright acrylic colors which he constantly reminded of God’s grandeur creation.  His inspiration comes from nature, photos, memories and ideas through his travels that represent peace and tranquility. He is also influenced by many past and current Impressionist and Expressionist artists.

His abstract art allows him to use his imagination and affords him the freedom to expand his intuition to create using colors and textures on canvas. He use colors and textures to encourage individual imagination and provide his viewers with an intangible and emotional experience.

His purpose as an artist is to create images on canvas using colorful brush strokes, astounding his viewers with the brilliance of color and magnificent texture to be inspired.